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21 10 2009

Greetings to all of our wonderful Team Hall & Nass fans! As you may have noticed, we paused our daily posting of chapters from our Dustball Rally Recap a bit ago at a transitional point in the tale. We know the pause disappointed a few of you (as some of you let us know via email & on Twitter), and bless you for caring enough to let us know! However, after 22 posts in a row, we felt y’all might have needed a little break from us going on and on about our antics. Frankly, we needed one from writing, editing and posting them too. Hey, the stats don’t lie (some of you were clearly getting tired of checking in daily)! Those number fluctuated that last week like a tachometer would if a six year old was pressing the pedal! 😉

A special note to our new readers (and to those who haven’t checked in for a bit). If you would like to catch up on the story of our 2009 Dustball 1500 Recap, or if you’d just enjoy another fast stroll down memory lane, we encourage you to CONTACT US FOR THE PASSWORDS, and then go back to our September 2009 posts and start reading from the actual beginning (Forward, Preface, Chapter 1, etc.) That way you can enjoy (or relive) all of the zany antics and dramatics of our Dustball story in full and proper effect!

However, before we simply start posting more Dustball stories, we plan to shake things up and begin sharing some other exciting things we have been up to during our blogging hiatus. There have been some hijinks going on and there are a few fun tales to be shared! So stay tuned as we begin transitioning this blog into a place where we share multiple things of interest to you, the automotive, racing and rally faithful!

Here’s a peek at some new things on the horizon …

New Category – Real World Reviews by Team Hall & Nass

As many of you know, we rent more cars than the law should allow. We also find ourselves getting behind the wheel of many new factory cars and some cool exotics on occasion too! We have been off gathering data on some of those various cool cars we’ve been driving lately and have started compiling that information into write ups we are going to post as reviews. What’s that, you say? Yawn? Oh no! Wait for it …

How many people would actually write a “review” of cars the way you think Team Hall & Nass might? That’s right. Rather than posting “traditional” automotive reviews, we are going to share stories with you of how the vehicles perform via real world driving experiences that can only be captured through using the cars as true automotive enthusiasts would. Don’t expect simple reviews based on horsepower stats, fuel mileage numbers and ergonomic interior reports.  Those elements may be covered, but not in the way you are used to reading about them. You want basic stats? Pick up the manufacturer’s brochure or read what traditional reviews (i.e. Motor Trend) have to say. We will instead focus on relaying the stories of where these cars shine and where they may have failed to perform during real “enthusiast-style” driving via that Team Hall & Nass dramatic storytelling style you’ve come to love and enjoy. The stories will be every bit as good in the reading as they were in the driving. We won’t hold back.

To truly add icing on the cake, we will be doing something even cooler. Not only will you read what Johnny thinks about the cars, but you’ll also read what Taylor has to say about them too. The female perspective in an automotive review can be quite intriguing, especially from one who can drive it as well as navigate it. So you’ll get to read what it’s like from both seats AND from both gender perspectives. Trust me, it’s already gotten interesting, as you’ll read soon enough!

Thank you all once again for taking time out of your busy lives to read and share in our experiences. We hope y’all continue to enjoy our crazy tales from behind the wheel, under the hood and out on the roads!

Johnny & Taylor

Team Hall & Nass



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21 10 2009

Looking forward to the new topics & content

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