Team Hall & Nass 2010 Cadillac Week Challenge Twitter Contest

28 01 2010

Team Hall & Nass 2010 Cadillac Week Challenge Twitter Contest

As you are aware (or should be if you are reading this post), we recently attended the Cadillac Culinary Media Tour, an event for select members of the Texas automotive media to experience what life is like for the “typical” Cadillac owner. We enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to dedicate an entire week of coverage to different aspects of the event, and to the amazing Cadillac vehicles we experienced.

As a fun way to say thank you to all of our loyal Team Hall & Nass fans for your amazing support of our Cadillac Week coverage, we are conducting an exciting #CadillacWeekChallenge contest to see who is enjoying our daily #CadillacWeek content the most. The winner will receive a cool “Cadillac-related prize!”

Snapshot Review of How to Play (explained in much greater detail below)

– Follow @TeamHallnNass on Twitter so you can play along and be eligible to win!
– As soon as you see us Tweet a contest question (a Q followed by #CadillacWeekChallenge), be the first to Tweet us via @ reply only with the correct answer and you win that round!
– Remember to tell us what Q you are replying to (Q1, Q8, etc.) and place the #CadillacWeekChallenge hash in your answer (if there is room).
– Remember that ALL of the answers to all of the contest questions are either within our Cadillac Week posts, within our @TeamHallnNass Cadillac Week Tweets, or within one of our four Cadillac Week videos.
– If you are truly stumped, @ reply us and say “I’m Stumped” and we may Tweet out additional hints.
– Don’t stress or give up! We aren’t going to make this THAT hard.
– Have fun! That’s what Team Hall & Nass #CadillacWeek is all about!
– Remember to keep following and RTing our #CadillacWeek coverage through Friday.
– Be sure to tell all of your friends as well! We love new picking up new fans! We do all this craziness for y’all!

When the Contest Will Occur

Our Cadillac Week Challenge Twitter Contest will take place beginning on Thursday, January 28th 2010 at 8 PM EST and will conclude on Friday, January 29th 2010 at 8 PM EST. Be sure to tune in to @TeamHallnNass on Twitter during this 24 hour period as questions can occur at any time (though we may have to sleep somewhere in there too!). Most of the contest questions will occur on Friday during US daylight hours, but not all!

The winner will be announced on Twitter AND on the TeamHallnNass blog! The winner must be able to be reached via DM (which is why you have to follow @TeamHallnNass) in order to discuss shipping. Afterward, your prize will be shipped to you the following week from our super-secret Team Hall & Nass location.

How to Play (in much greater detail)

To keep things as simple as possible, we are going to ask a series of questions (via Twitter) and the first person who responds to us via Twitter with the correct answer to each question (via an @ or DM) will be acknowledged as having won that round. The person who wins the most rounds by the end of the contest week will win the “Cadillac-related prize.”

To make things easier, we’re going to be providing several hints on what areas (posts, vids or Tweets) the answers to the questions are located in. So if you’re stumped, @ or DM and say, “I’m stumped!” The more people who are stumped, the easier/more obvious we’ll make the hints and/or the questions. We want this to be fun for y’all, not work!

All contest questions Tweeted out by us will be designated with the hashtag #CadillacWeekChallenge. It is a good idea to place this hashtag along with the numerical designation of the question you are answering (i.e.: Q1, Q5, Q10, etc.) in your response along with your answer to alleviate any potential confusion on either end (ours or yours).


Us – TeamHallnNass #CadillacWeekChallenge Q1. What week are we celebrating?
You – @TeamHallnNass The Q1 answer is Cadillac Week #CadillacWeekChallenge
Us – TeamHallnNass @BIGHallnNassFan You are correct! You’ve won round Q1!

See how easy that is?

How and Where to Find ALL of the Answers

Each day this week, there has been at least one new Cadillac-related post daily on our blog. In addition, be sure to review every Cadillac-related Tweet this week (beginning on Monday, January 25th at 12:01 AM EST through Friday, January 29th at 8 PM EST, or up until the last question of the contest, whichever comes first). Last, but certainly not least, make sure you view all four segments of our CTS-V ride and drive review that will be posted on our YouTube page on Thursday, January 28th. Be sure to listen to all of the things that are said out loud within these videos.

Again, all of the answers to all of the questions in the contest can be found within our Cadillac blog content, OR within our page Cadillac videos, OR within our @TeamHallnNass Cadillac Tweets on Twitter. There are no ringers, no tricks, and no hidden answers. Everything is (or will be) posted in plain sight for all to see!

Plus, remember that we’re going to be providing several hints on what areas (posts, vids or Tweets) the answers to the questions are located in. So if you’re stumped, @ or DM and say, “I’m stumped!” The more people who are stumped, the easier/more obvious we’ll make the hints and/or the questions. We want this to be fun, not work!

The Prize

One lucky winner will be awarded a “Cadillac-related prize” by Team Hall & Nass. What is it exactly? Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it’s something not very expensive, but actually pretty cool. No, it’s not a Cadillac (we wish!). But it is a Cadillac-related item, provided to us by General Motors (not for this contest, but as a personal gift to us). We just love and appreciate our fans so much that we want one of you to have a chance to win it! So play for laughs and play for fun, but answer to win!

The Rules

You MUST follow @TeamHallnNass on Twitter to be eligible to win. Don’t worry, you can always unfollow us after the contest should you choose to, but we hope you’ll stick around for our continued hijinx for the 2010 season and beyond.

The person who responds on Twitter to @TeamHallnNass (via @ reply only) with the most correct answers first (round winners) at the end of our Cadillac Week Challenge will be the winner!

Not a Twitter user? Sign up today at and follow @TeamHallnNass to play!

Due to only having one prize to award, there can only be one prize winner. All decisions on the contest, the rules, judgments, etc. will be determined by Team Hall & Nass, and our rulings and decisions will be deemed final.

Tie Breaker (if necessary)

In the event of a tie, those who are tied for the lead will be notified via Twitter and a playoff will be held. If necessary, the playoff will be conducted beginning at 8 PM EST on Friday, January 29th 2010. The playoff will consist of a series of bonus Cadillac Week Challenge questions will be asked one at a time until the tie is broken (by the same conventional challenge rules listed above). It will be a sudden death playoff round, so you’ll have to be at the ready to answer quickly and correctly.


All of our fans and followers are welcome (and encouraged) to play. However, any employee (or affiliate) of General Motors or Cadillac are (unfortunately) ineligible to win. This is only because y’all have an unfair knowledge advantage of all the questions we are going to ask within this contest!

Furthermore, Charlie and Nick from Burnout Radio are not eligible to play, win, or even to shout answers out, since they participated in this event with us. They know too much, and therefore, must die! (JUST KIDDING)!

We hope you enjoy the #CadillacWeekChallenge and wish you all the best of luck! Let the games begin!



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