Team Hall & Nass and Burnout Radio CTS-V Sedan Drive – Caught on Camera(s)

4 02 2010

Team Hall & Nass and Burnout Radio CTS-V Sedan Drive – Caught on Camera(s)

If you read our recent post titled, “Team Hall & Nass Review the 2010 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan,” then you experienced our impression of what life is like behind the wheel of the “fastest V8 production sedan in the world.”

However, after we went back and read all the pretty words we used to describe the CTS-V, we still felt it just didn’t do the car justice. So this time around (because we love our fans so much), we’re not going to just tell you … we’re going to show you.

Do keep in mind what you are about to see isn’t some sterile trackside show or closed course challenge. Oh no! This is real world driving. Want to witness the real fun quotient of how well a CTS-V can perform in daily traffic with four adults in the car from the ticket-free comfort of your own chair? Actions (or in this case, actions on video) speak louder than words.

Please check out (preferably, in sequential order) all of the video segments of our Team Hall & Nass and Burnout Radio CTS-V ride and drive on our YouTube channel(s): and

Please note that Burnout Radio (for their own self-preservation reasons) posted select, edited, somewhat “sanitized” parts of the events captured on their camera. While their videos are shorter, they leave out some of the speed antics and much of the humorous commentary.

However, being the crazy, experiential junkies we are here at Team Hall & Nass, we’ve posting ours in a format more like you’d expect from us. It’s raw and unedited (except for splitting it up into four segments to fit within YouTube’s file size restrictions), but deliver the full flavor and experience of the run. Make sure you watch them all. Believe me … you’ll get your money’s worth!

While there is a lot of talking (since it is a rolling interview), fear not! All that yakking is interspersed with the sweet sounds of LSA-filled roars, Pilot Sport squeals, and visible passenger reactions as we let this puppy run as safely as possible in and through traffic. We hope you enjoy the show!

Warning/Disclaimer Section

Please, for the love of all that’s holy, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, in traffic, or on your own. Laughable as it may sound, we are somewhat “trained professionals” (granted on a non-closed course, risking life, limb, and media car, but hey, we signed the ‘you brake it, you buy it’ paperwork). Also, please keep in mind that we were VERY well behaved most of the time and honestly didn’t have the car, its occupants, or anyone else around us in any strain at any time.

Also, if you happen to work for GM, Cadillac, or (God forbid) any of its insurers, then we highly recommend sticking with viewing Charlie’s “edited” videos on the Burnout Radio YouTube page. Otherwise, please continue to our TeamHallnNass YouTube page, strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride!

Team Hall & Nass Cadillac Week Coverage

We hope y’all enjoyed this late addition to our Team Hall & Nass Cadillac Week coverage. Optimally, we had planned on launching this post and these videos during Cadillac Week, but thanks to some unforeseen (and highly unfortunate) connectivity issues with our ISP in our Dallas location (read AT&T is officially on our POO list) we simply couldn’t upload them in time. Since they are too good to let go to waste, we hope you enjoy them now!

Due to new FTC guidelines, please note that GM didn’t pay us to write any of this, to film or to post footage of this. They did not ask us to either. (After watching our videos, they may even prefer that we hadn’t!). They simply provided dinner and access to their cars and, in turn, we had the “Cadillac” of experiences. We sincerely thank everyone at GM and Cadillac South Central Region marketing who made this possible, and all of you, our amazing fans. We couldn’t do this without you. We love you all!

This blog entry has been approved by Pirate Pig, official mascot of Team Hall & Nass. Pirate Pig offers hamthrax protection for all, and would like to remind you, “IF YOU’VE JUST BEEN PASSED, THEN YOU’RE NOT HALL & NASS!” :@)~



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