Team Hall & Nass Enter the Dustball Rally 1500

4 08 2010


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Team Hall & Nass Enter the Dustball Rally 1500

Johnny Hall & Taylor Nass are back with an agenda … to win the elusive Dustball Rally

DALLAS, Texas, August 4th, 2010 – Team Hall & Nass today officially announced their entry into one of the most challenging gimmick rally events in the United States, the Dustball Rally 1500, to be held on the highways and byways of the southwestern United States, August 13th – 15th, 2010.

Hailed among automotive enthusiasts as the “last great American gimmick rally,” the Dustball Rally is one of the most challenging and most exciting events held in the world of automobile rallying. The Dustball Rally is an annual, multi-day, multi-stage gimmick rally, played out over a 1,500 mile predetermined route known only to the event organizers. Competitors are handed a packet of information at each checkpoint containing a quiz sheet. Teams learn of their next destination only by solving a series of riddles, mathematical problems, and by locating a series of clues along the route to fill in the blanks on their quiz sheet. Those answers ultimately reveal the direction they need to head in to reach their final destination each day. It is nothing short of automotive driving and navigation madness at its best.

Driver Johnny Hall and Co-Driver/Navigator Taylor Nass made quite an impression on the 2009 Dustball Rally when they piloted their 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZHZ Z51 convertible to the front of the field each day. That event ran from El Paso, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada and back to El Paso via a maze of back roads, twisty mountain passes and desert straightaways. For 2010, Team Hall & Nass have entered the Dustball Rally with a “mystery car” with plans to unveil their new machine on the starting grid. No one knows for sure what they are bringing, but if history is any indicator, it will be something unexpected, and without a doubt, it will be fast.

Driver Johnny Hall said, “The Dustball Rally 1500 is the most unique event I’ve ever driven in. We’ve raced in a bit of everything over the years, but nothing comes close to the challenges that await those who are brave enough (or crazy enough) to enter the Dustball Rally. It is an awesome event that no rally team in the world should ever miss!”

Team Hall & Nass’ amazing (and sometimes almost unbelievable) tales of adventure were chronicled in a series of nineteen posts, released throughout September 2009 on The tales they shared read not so much like those of a typical gimmick rally team, but more like a real life Smokey and the Bandit meets Cannonball Run story with a gimmick rally thrown into the mix.

Even though the Dustball Rally is “a rally, not a race,” Team Hall & Nass is gunning for the overall win that eluded their grasp last year after a valiant, multi-day front-running effort was robbed from them by the rogue forces of the evil Hamthrax who quite literally blocked their path to victory. For 2010, Team Hall & Nass have made special Hamthrax evasion preparations for the event to ensure they are both highly competitive (and highly invisible when need be) in their quest for victory.

About the Dustball Rally 1500

Hailed among enthusiasts as the “last great American gimmick rally,” the Dustball Rally 1500 is one of the most challenging and most exciting events held in the world of automobile rallying. The Dustball Rally is an annual, multi-day, multi-stage gimmick rally, held on a predetermined route known only to the event organizers. Dustball is a 100% legal gimmick rally, held on open, public roads throughout the Southwestern United States. It is billed as “a rally, not a race.” In reality, it is the world’s craziest scavenger hunt spread out over 1,500 miles, mostly by skilled rally teams in specially prepared exotic and high performance automobiles.

Unlike many underground road races, Dustball Rally winners are not determined based on time, speed or distance. Rather, the winner is the team who successfully solves the most riddles, finds the most clues, and navigates their way across 1,500 miles of highways and byways in time to reach the finish line. This type of an event demands a much greater level of skill, cooperation and competition versus the more typical “find the checkpoint in ‘X’ town and state” format used by most major rally events. The addition of searching for clues in both directions of the course poses a whole other level of psychological challenge that tests the abilities of even veteran rally teams.

The Dustball Rally is organized, produced and promoted by rally veteran Andrew Medley of El Paso, Texas. In addition to the annual Dustball Rally 1500, the franchise also holds an annual one day rally event, the Dustball 500. For 2010, they added a GPS coordinate-based event to the mix, the Dustball Challenge. For more information on the Dustball Rally 1500, or any of the other Dustball series events, please visit

About Team Hall & Nass

Established in 2009, Team Hall & Nass has quickly become one of the premiere open road, rally racing and automotive performance review blogging teams in the United States. With a lighter, more humorous side than many involved in the automotive racing scene, their zany personalities tend to generate a lot of buzz and interest at every event. Decals bearing their beloved “anti-Hamthrax” (speeding ticket-avoiding) mascot, Pirate Pig, can be found on street vehicles and race cars of fans and competitors alike around the globe.

With a team philosophy to have as much fun as possible with fans and fellow competitors, while making every effort to get the most out of every event (or at least have the most fun trying), their tagline is as much a tongue in cheek sentiment of fun as it is a statement of fact – IF YOU’VE JUST BEEN PASSED, THEN YOU’RE NOT HALL & NASS!

For additional information on Team Hall & Nass, visit, view team videos on or interact with them directly on Twitter at

Please note that Team Hall & Nass will be conducting pre- and post-Dustball Rally interviews with select media outlets as time permits. If you’d like to schedule an interview in person or via phone, please contact their media firm with your request.




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