Team Hall & Nass 2009-2014 Crazy Clips Vid

21 07 2014

Team Hall & Nass Corvette Z06Team Hall & Nass 2009-2014 Crazy Clips Vid

This video is an extremely condensed selection of some crazy event clips we @ Team Hall & Nass and #Motorama LIVE filmed between 2009 & 2014. Most of what you’ll see here is never before seen, raw, and unpublished footage.

NOTE – A lot of the early days footage was shot in SD, so unfortunately, we had to process those scenes in SD to include those clips. Darn those days before we acquired all the 1080p GoPros!

ALSO NOTE – Some scenes were filmed on a closed course, with professional drivers … (blah, blah, blah). But some of it is from our road rally days, back when we didn’t give 2 flips about “the rules” (as if we ever really did anyway). Haters gonna hate, but our fans are gonna LOVE it!

So get in, sit down, strap in and hang on tight! We’re about to shred a LOT of tires, pass a LOT of cars and show you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to over the past 5 years.

In closing, we’d like to remind you …


3 Years/36K Miles Bumper to Bumper Team Hall & Nass #Motorama LIVE All Access Movie

5 12 2012


Welcome to the 3 Years/36K Miles Bumper to Bumper Team Hall & Nass #Motorama LIVE All Access Movie, celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary of #Motorama LIVE on Twitter! 3 Years/36K Miles Bumper to Bumper takes you on a journey of fast cars, cool people and amazing events with Team Hall & Nass and Motorama LIVE from the first week of December 2009 through the first week of December 2012.

This 42 minute feature movie contains a LOT of never before seen footage from our Team Hall & Nass years and the best of the best clips so far from our Motorama LIVE years. We could have gone back further and included a LOT more footage, but if we didn’t cut it where we did and condense it down to these 42 minutes, it might have become ‘Gone With the Motorama’, and let’s face it, no one should watch that much of our foolishness in one sitting.

So gather your friends and family around the computer, television or your mobile device, get some salty snacks, some frosty cold beverages, and enjoy some of the craziest, zaniest “best of” moments captured in the 3 Years/36K Miles Bumper to Bumper Team Hall & Nass #Motorama LIVE All Access Movie!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported us over the last several years, from our friends and families, our fans, our sponsors, our OEM friends, reps, event managers, everyone who has ever used the #Motorama hashtag on Twitter, and last, but certainly NOT least, our amazing #Motorama LIVE staff members, without ALL of whom none of this would be possible. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough.

Join us for #Motorama LIVE every Wednesday from 9-11 PM Eastern on Twitter! Just search on and use the #Motorama hashtag to join the conversation! #Motorama LIVE, THE most fun automotive enthusiast and motorsports #Carmmunity on Twitter!

NORC 150 MPH Class Team Hall & Nass Z06 ORR May 2012 Full Course Run

21 05 2012


The Mission – Drive down 90 miles of two lane blacktop on a closed public highway, breaking the light beam on the other end at as close to a perfect 150 MPH average in 36 Minutes FLAT as humanly possible.

The following is the Motorama LIVE Team Hall & Nass Corvette Z06 Open Road Racing in the 150 MPH Class at the Nevada Open Road Challenge (NORC) on Nevada Highway NV 318, May 20th, 2012. This is the Spring race, which is an exact replica of the Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC) that runs every September.

PLEASE NOTE – Our race grid footage was chopped off to allow this video to begin at the true exact zeroing ‘0’ of the SSCC atomic timing and scoring clock on professional editing software. This video shows our entire run in all of its raw, unedited glory, then continues on less than a minute after the finish line as we say our recorded time aloud and exchange high fives. So sit back and enjoy 36 minutes of LS7 singing along two lane blacktop for 90 miles in an attempt to average a perfect 150 MPH average speed in 36 minutes flat on NV 318.

Additional information on this run:

As stated above, the goal in the 150 MPH Class at NORC and SSCC is to run the 90 mile course on NV 318 in 36 minutes flat at a perfect 150 MPH average. This is time/speed/distance racing on an uber scale.

The Result – Silver State Classic Challenge official timing and scoring listed our run as 36:00.5473 seconds at an average speed of 149.9620 MPH.

What is interesting is that our clocks (and the one on this video) show us as running it in 35:59.88 seconds at just a tick over 150 MPH. Ironically, note that IF our time of .12 of a second off of perfect had been recognized as our official scoring time, it still would have only been good enough for 3rd place out of the 14 entrants in the 150 MPH Class, as the winning time was a 35:59.0164. Yes, the competition in the 150 MPH Class is THAT tight! However, SSCC official time puts us in 6th place overall in the 150 MPH Class.

This video just goes to show that no matter how good YOU may think you are in time/speed/distance Open Road Racing, the fact remains that in the end, you are ONLY as good as someone else’s timing system in the official record books. Like it or not, sometimes, those are just the breaks in ORR.

We race because we love the speed, the people and the cars. The love of the sport is our friend, even if sometimes, the timing clocks are not.

We’ll be back …

Motorama LIVE 2012 Buick Regal GS NORC Interview w/Bill Rietow

20 05 2012


Motorama LIVE raced in the Nevada Open Road Challenge #NORC on May 20th, 2012, as did a GM Buick Factory Race Team. This is our interview at the finish line with Bill Rietow, Buick Lead Product Engineer, telling us all about his run in the 2012 Buick Regal GS in the 135 MPH Class.

Bill and his navigator John Townsend won the 120 MPH Class at the Silver State Classic Challenge Open Road Race back in September. Hear Bill talk about how he believes they did today in the 135 Class, as well as how well a stock Buick Regal GS felt racing over 90 miles of 2 lane public highway at speeds up to 161 MPH!

Thank you to our good friends at Buick! Today, they were truly Hall & Nass! :@)~

Team Hall & Nass Enter the Bonneville 100 Open Road Race

15 06 2010


Media Contact
Landon Communications
PR Representatives for Team Hall & Nass

Team Hall & Nass Enter the Bonneville 100 Open Road Race

Father and Son to compete together in a race-prepped 2007 Corvette Z06 on US 93A

LAS VEGAS, Nev., June 15th, 2010 – Team Hall & Nass today officially announced their entry into one of the most challenging open road race events in the United States, the Bonneville 100, to be held in Wendover, Nevada, June 24th – 26th, 2010.

In a twist on the usual team configuration of driver Johnny Hall and co-driver/navigator Taylor Nass, this Bonneville 100 effort will consist of driver Berry Lowman competing alongside of his father, unlimited powerboat legend and open road racer, Lanny Lowman.

The father and son duo will work together as a driver/navigator team, attempting to win the Grand Sport 3 (GS3) class, averaging 140 MPH in their race-prepped LeMans Blue 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. To accomplish this feat, they must quickly get up to speed from a standing start, then begin their ultimate quest to average an as close to perfect 140 MPH, staying underneath their class-maximum technical speed of 168 MPH, and above their class-minimum speed of 110 MPH. They must navigate down the many long straits and winding corners of two-lane blacktop that comprise Nevada public highway US 93A for a grueling, but lightning-fast 50 miles. Then they re-grid their car and race back up the same course, in the opposite direction, for another 50 miles. Their time/speed averages in both directions will then be combined, and the car in their class closest to a perfect 140 MPH will win the GS3 class trophy.

It should be noted that this is not the first time this particular duo have joined forces in open road racing. This father and son combo have come together before to compete in the Silver State Classic/Nevada Open Road Challenge in the 110 and the 125 MPH classes, with tech speeds up to 165 MPH. The Lowmans have also seen previous success at the 2008 Bonneville 100, taking home 3rd place in the highly competitive 110 MPH class.

Driver and navigator Berry Lowman said, “The Bonneville 100 is a truly unique event. It is the only 100% legal open road race in the western United States that allows competitors to switch drivers and navigators in between the stages, combining the average times and speeds of both drivers, in both stages of event competition, to determine class winners. This demands a much greater level of skill, cooperation and competition versus the more typical single driver/navigator teams and single-stage runs found at other open road racing events. The addition of racing in both directions on the course poses a whole other level of psychological challenge that tests the abilities of even veteran open road racers to the maximum. It is an awesome event that no open road race team in the world should ever miss!”

About Open Road Racing

While this type of racing is commonly referred to as “Open Road Racing,” it actually occurs on sections of temporarily closed public highway during the racing events. There is no risk to the general public, no oncoming traffic, no section of the road outside of the watchful eye of race command communications, and most importantly, no location on the course in which a race vehicle is ever more than one mile away from a course safety worker. There are typically ambulances with specially trained EMT crews located at each end, or in the middle of the course. There is also typically a life flight helicopter on standby at the midway point of the course.

Even though regular passenger automobiles are eligible to enter, and they typically comprise upwards of 75% or greater of each open road racing field of cars, this is in no way a typical Sunday drive. With speed classes typically ranging from as low as 95 MPH all the way up to unlimited classes at some venues, it is not unheard of to see open road racing vehicles averaging speeds over 200 MPH for up to 100 miles with straightaway speeds in excess of 220 MPH on two-lane blacktop highways with less than optimal curves, not on perfectly smooth, banked corner race tracks.

Safety is paramount to the successful operation of open road racing events and the continuation of the sport. There are varying levels of safety gear required for all cars that enter these events. The faster the speed class, the greater amount of technical safety gear required. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot simply “run what you bring” without adding at least some measure of safety gear to your car and passing a rigorous technical safety inspection.

Due to the nature of this type of racing, it has been deemed the most dangerous form of motor sports in the world. It also happens to be the most exciting to participate in.

About the Bonneville 100

Hailed among the open road racing community as one of the most challenging, and most exciting events in the world of speed, the Bonneville 100 is a two-stage race held on a 50 mile section of US 93A, a public, two-lane highway in extreme northeastern Nevada. The event borrows its name from the storied racing mecca, the Bonneville Salt Flats, which are located a scant few miles east of the starting line, just outside the town of Wendover, Nevada, on the Utah side of the state line.

The 2010 event features three days of activities, with technical inspections on Thursday, June 24th, a public car show of all race vehicles on Friday, June 25th, the running of the Bonneville 100 on Saturday, June 26th and an awards banquet on Saturday night.

The Bonneville 100 is organized, produced and promoted by open road racing veteran Michael Borders of MKM Racing in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is held due to the permission and cooperation of the Nevada Department of Transportation. For more information on the Bonneville 100, or MKM Racing, please visit

About Team Hall & Nass

Established in 2009, Team Hall & Nass has quickly become one of the premiere open road, rally racing and automotive performance review blogging teams in the United States. With a lighter, more humorous side than many involved in the automotive racing scene, their zany personalities tend to generate a lot of buzz and interest at each event they compete in. Decals bearing their beloved “anti-Hamthrax” (speeding ticket-avoiding) mascot, Pirate Pig, can be found on street vehicles and race cars of fans and competitors alike around the globe.

With a team philosophy to have as much fun as possible with fans and fellow competitors, while making every effort to get the most out of each event they enter (or at least have the most fun trying), their tagline is as much a tongue in cheek sentiment of fun as it is a statement of fact – IF YOU’VE JUST BEEN PASSED, THEN YOU’RE NOT HALL & NASS!

For additional information on Team Hall & Nass, visit, view team videos on or interact with them directly on Twitter at

Please note that Team Hall & Nass will be conducting pre- and post-Bonneville 100 interviews with select media outlets as time permits. If you’d like to schedule an interview in person or via phone, please contact their media firm (listed above) with your request.