Team Hall & Nass 2009-2014 Crazy Clips Vid

21 07 2014

Team Hall & Nass Corvette Z06Team Hall & Nass 2009-2014 Crazy Clips Vid

This video is an extremely condensed selection of some crazy event clips we @ Team Hall & Nass and #Motorama LIVE filmed between 2009 & 2014. Most of what you’ll see here is never before seen, raw, and unpublished footage.

NOTE – A lot of the early days footage was shot in SD, so unfortunately, we had to process those scenes in SD to include those clips. Darn those days before we acquired all the 1080p GoPros!

ALSO NOTE – Some scenes were filmed on a closed course, with professional drivers … (blah, blah, blah). But some of it is from our road rally days, back when we didn’t give 2 flips about “the rules” (as if we ever really did anyway). Haters gonna hate, but our fans are gonna LOVE it!

So get in, sit down, strap in and hang on tight! We’re about to shred a LOT of tires, pass a LOT of cars and show you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to over the past 5 years.

In closing, we’d like to remind you …


Team Hall & Nass Picked for the 2011 Mopar MoVenture Rally

14 07 2011


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Team Hall & Nass Picked for the 2011 Mopar MoVenture Rally

Team Hall & Nass was selected by Mopar Fans to Represent Team Fiat

DALLAS, Texas, July 14th, 2011 – Team Hall & Nass today officially announce they are in the field representing Team Fiat for the first ever Mopar MoVenture Rally, to be held on 2,000 miles of highways and byways across the United States from Detroit, MI to Golden, CO, July 15th – 21st, 2011.

Team Hall & Nass are both lucky and humbled to be one of only ten teams selected to compete in the Mopar MoVenture Rally. They were voted into the field by Mopar and Fiat fans around the globe on, subjected to a full physical and DMV background check, and then approved by the Chrysler Group and Mopar for participation.

Mopar MoVenture Rally is a weeklong 2,000 mile road rally competition between Detroit, MI and Golden, CO held from July 15th – 21st, 2011. The MoVenture continues after the finish line as teams will be given the VIP treatment by Mopar at the NHRA Mopar Mile High Nationals, July 21st – 23rd.

The entire Mopar MoVenture Rally will be performed using ten different Chrysler Group automobiles, two from each of their Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat brands. Each of the ten teams will be driving the same vehicle they are assigned by respective brand from rally start to finish. In addition, all team members have been informed they will have access to drive one of every new vehicle within the five Chrysler Group brands upcoming 2012 lineup somewhere along the route at select venues, including all of the upcoming new SRT vehicles. That is a pretty sweet deal.

The exact route and challenges that await all competing MoVenture Rally teams are being kept under closely guarded secret by Mopar staff. However, Team Hall & Nass have learned a few previously non-disclosed details they would like to share with their fans. The MoVenture Rally will begin at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Detroit. MoVenture will be a true points championship event based on a combination of points earned via time/speed/distance target accuracy between checkpoints, physical competitions at select stops, vehicular competitions at racing and off-road venues, and a few other “surprises” thrown into the mix. Also discovered is that teams will lose points for arriving at checkpoints too soon in an effort to keep road rally speeds at acceptable OEM levels.

As Team Hall & Nass fans are aware, with a rich background in time/speed/distance Open Road Racing, timing the checkpoint arrivals won’t be a new challenge for Team Hall & Nass to conquer, even if the physical challenges get down and dirty. So competitors beware! Pirate Pig has put you all on notice. Team Hall & Nass will be first at every checkpoint no matter what!

In addition to the Mopar MoVenture Rally, Team Hall & Nass fans have a lot to follow this month, as they are participating in both the Bullrun Live Rally and the Dustball Rally during the month of July, as well as their own Pirate Pig ROOT 66 fun run during the first week of August from Las Vegas, Nevada to Oklahoma City, and then on to Dallas, Texas for a total of more than 10,000 miles of road rallying. May the car gods have mercy on their souls!

Team Hall & Nass would like to publicly thank all of the fans who voted them into the Mopar MoVenture Rally, and to thank all of the fine folks at Mopar for the opportunity to participate. With friends like these, and mad rally skills to boot, keep an eye on Team Hall & Nass, as they will no doubt be in it to win it!

About the Mopar MoVenture Rally

The green flag is about to drop on the first ever Mopar MoVenture Road Rally, as ten two-person teams pilot a wide range of 2012/2011 Chrysler Group LLC vehicles over the course of 2,000 miles in seven days.

Beginning at – of course – the Chrysler Museum in Detroit, Michigan, the teams will set off on their journey on July 15 and reach the finish line on July 21, in Golden, Colorado at the NHRA Mopar Mile High Nationals. Along the way, they’ll visit iconic scenes of Americana, face fast, muddy and surprising challenges, and battle for the chance to be crowned MoVenture champion!

Over twenty teams were crazy enough to compete for this grueling road trip, so you know there must be a pretty sweet Grand Prize at stake. The winning team of two will win $5,000 in Mopar parts and accessories!

After a very difficult selection process, we’re proud to introduce the contestants who have been chosen to participate in MoVenture this summer! Visit to meet the lucky winners, and special thanks to all the Mopar fans that submitted so many great video applications.

MoVenture will be a high-octane test of power, speed and wits. Follow along with our daily feeds and video highlights to see which team comes out on top. Who knows, we may even see you at one of the stops! For additional information on the Mopar MoVenture Rally, visit

About Team Hall & Nass

Established in 2009, Team Hall & Nass has quickly become one of the premiere open road, rally racing and automotive performance review blogging teams in the United States. With a lighter, more humorous side than many involved in the automotive racing scene, their zany personalities tend to generate a lot of buzz and interest at every event. Decals bearing their beloved “anti-Hamthrax” (speeding ticket-avoiding) mascot, Pirate Pig, can be found on street vehicles and race cars of fans and competitors alike around the globe.

With a team philosophy to have as much fun as possible with fans and fellow competitors, while making every effort to get the most out of every event (or at least have the most fun trying), their tagline is as much a tongue in cheek sentiment of fun as it is a statement of fact – IF YOU’VE JUST BEEN PASSED, THEN YOU’RE NOT HALL & NASS!

For additional information on Team Hall & Nass, visit, view team videos on or interact with them directly on Twitter at

Please note that Team Hall & Nass will be conducting pre- and post-Mopar MoVenture Rally interviews with select media outlets as time permits. If you’d like to schedule an interview in person or via phone, please contact their media firm with your request.