Team Hall & Nass 2009 Dustball Rally 1500 Recap – Forward

9 09 2009


It has taken us quite a bit longer than anticipated to prepare these stories for you. However, after you dig in, we think you’ll understand why. There are so many awesome stories we have to share with you from the 2009 Dustball Rally 1500 that we could actually write a book about it. So rather than post a million-page blog entry, we’ve decided to divvy this up into a more user friendly, easier to digest segmented format. Therefore, check back often as we continue to post new chapters of this story as fast as we can write/edit/publish them.

We sincerely hope you all enjoy the good, the bad, the ugly, and the “you really had to be there to believe them” moments from our Team Hall & Nass running of the 2009 Dustball Rally.

This story may be ours, but it is for you, our loyal, wonderful and absolutely mad fans. We appreciate your support and we really do love you all!

Please Note – There are several items disclosed in these stories that will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and even some we probably shouldn’t disclose until the statute of limitations expires in certain states! Most readers will cheer our antics, but if you happen to subscribe to the Ralph Nader school of safe driving, just know that you may experience outrage! However, love it or otherwise, we’re just posting the truth as we lived it.

Furthermore, reading this story is guaranteed to cause side effects in fellow petrolheads that may be hazardous to your health, your driving record and your insurance rates. It has already been known to induce rally fever in others! New teams have formed and signed up for the 2010 Dustball Rally as a result. Now that you’ve been warned and the legalese has been covered, read and enjoy at your own risk!

See y’all out there on the open roads and tracks of the world!

Johnny and Taylor

Team Hall & Nass


PS If you’d like to share your thoughts with Team Hall & Nass, have questions for us, or if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities on our team car(s), feel free to @ or DM us on Twitter @TeamHallnNass or email us at TeamHallnNass (at) We happily provide media interviews, do public appearances & other crazy things on request.



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