Team Hall & Nass and DSTROYR at the Silver State Classic Challenge


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Team Hall & Nass and DSTROYR at the Silver State Classic Challenge

Team Hall & Nass look to DSTROY the competition at the famous desert race

DALLAS, Texas, September 15, 2011 – Team Hall & Nass today officially announces its continued sponsorship alliance with one of the coolest emerging lifestyle brands in the United States, DSTROYR, for the upcoming Silver State Classic Challenge Open Road Race to be run on Nevada Highway 318 on September 18th, 2011.

DSTROYR was started by artist and designer Jon Chase as a blog, with a mission to shine a spotlight on the local in and around the community of Riverside, California. Today, the DSTROYR site covers a wide variety of endeavors and helps spread the word about the latest, coolest things coming out of Southern California in the artistic community, motorsports scene and beyond.

DSTROYR is on a mission to turn people on to something new. While the DSTROYR brand of apparel began from a simple necessity to promote their site, today it has become a reflection of influences. The concept behind DSTROYR is simple – be the best you can be for yourself. DSTROYR’s motto is “Whatever you desire to excel at, kill it, own it, DSTROY it!”

Team Hall & Nass driver Berry Lowman said, “DSTROYR is one of the coolest enterprises we’ve encountered on the automotive/speed/rally lifestyle scene. Their designs and their message are on the cutting edge, which is exactly where Team Hall & Nass likes to be. We believe in Jon’s philosophy and continue to support their cause. Pairing up with DSTROYR for the Silver State Classic Challenge will enable us to look and be that much better while we DSTROY the competition!”


DSTROYR is an alterative clothing franchise brand that represents the best elements of the speed lifestyle while also encouraging people to try new things and do their best at whatever they do. DSTROYR is the brainchild of artist Jon Chase, whose talented designs have been featured on major clothing brands and performance-themed artworks, sites and styles all around the globe. Check out the latest designs and cultural happenings on

About Team Hall & Nass

Established in 2009, Team Hall & Nass has quickly become one of the premiere open road, rally racing and automotive performance review blogging teams in the United States. With a lighter, more humorous side than many involved in the automotive racing scene, their zany personalities tend to generate a lot of buzz and interest at every event. Decals bearing their beloved “anti-Hamthrax” (speeding ticket-avoiding) mascot, Pirate Pig, can be found on street vehicles and race cars of fans and competitors alike around the globe.

With a team philosophy to have as much fun as possible with fans and fellow competitors, while making every effort to get the most out of every event (or at least have the most fun trying), their tagline is as much a tongue in cheek sentiment of fun as it is a statement of fact – IF YOU’VE JUST BEEN PASSED, THEN YOU’RE NOT HALL & NASS!

For additional information on Team Hall & Nass, visit, view team videos on or interact with them directly on Twitter at

Please note that Team Hall & Nass will be conducting pre- and post-Silver State Classic Challenge interviews with select media outlets as time permits. If you’d like to schedule an interview in person or via phone, please contact their media firm with your request.


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